Tuesday, June 19, 2012

News From the Board of Directors

While the pace of activity is a little slower during the summer without students in attendance, the Central Office remains open daily, twelve months a year.  The business of operating a school district doesn't take a vacation, we still have bills to pay, facilities and projects to manage, payroll to meet, and planning for the return of students to attend to.  In addition, the Board of Directors still meets to deliberate and make decisions on behalf of the district.  On June 18th, the Board met in regular session.

Relatively speaking, the agenda was pretty light.  Action was taken on a variety of technology related issues including the purchase and upgrade of servers and software, several computer purchases, and and the approval of completing projector installation in district classrooms.  Along that same vein we are in the beginning stages of installing a wireless network that will set the stage for a possible 1:1 laptop computer initiative in 2013-2014 and some preliminary wiring work for this project was approved last night.

The Board also approved the remainder of the 9-10 grade English curriculum, this will round out the 11-12 grade curriculum that was approved and adopted last year.

There was also an update on the buildings and grounds projects that we have going on.  At this time, the parking lot project hasn't been started yet.  Hopefully by the time you read this article the dirt will be flying!  Other projects are moving right along.  If you haven't had a chance to check out the front of the elementary school, I strongly encourage you to do so!  A lot of hard work and volunteer labor went into cleaning up and landscaping out front.  It looks awesome!  This next part is important, so please read on:  Toward the end of July we are planning on removing several trees in the front of the elementary school.  The trees targeted for removal are in bad shape, ranging from splits down the center to completely overgrown and ungainly.  We can't find records that these trees are memorials, so if you have any information about memorial trees in the front of the elementary, please contact my office ASAP. 

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