Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Lot to See at Hudson Community School District This Summer!

As I have previously mentioned, the summer is a very busy time for most school districts even though there are no students in attendance.  If you have driven by our campus lately, you may have noticed a few things under construction!  The high school parking lot construction is well underway, and we anticpate a completion date somewhere around the first part of August.  The contractor was a few weeks behind in the start date on this project, but now that they are on site, you can really see the dirt flying!  We had a construction meeting just this morning and I was reassured that everything is progressing very nicely.

A project that is not very easily seen is the electrical upgrades that are taking place in the elementary school.  You may recall this project was started last summer with phase one, that essentially replaced the electrical service to the building.  This was done to supply more power to the classrooms in an efffort to support 21st Century classrooms (i.e. more computers and technological devices).  This summer we are finishing the project by installing more receptacles into each classroom and a ceiling mounted projector.  There are also a few classrooms in the high school that will be outfitted with new projectors this summer.  Our goal for this project then is to have projectors in all instructional spaces by the end of the summer.  I have no doubt that we will reach that goal!

Sometime this fall we intend to install a fully protected wireless network throughout the district.  This will enable our wireless devices like laptops to be utlized without the need for a portable wireless Internet access point.  This summer, Mr. Murray is working hard to run the wires that will be needed to install the access points when we get to that stage.  This wireless network will useful in a lot of ways, but will certainly help us to fulfill our vision of a 1:1 laptop environment in the district in 2013-2014.

I previously shared with you that we had several groups of volunteers working around the district painting the elementary hallways, and another group volunteered to clean out and fix the landscaping in front of the elementary building.  I can tell you that both of these projects look awesome, and we certainly couldn't have done it without their help!

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the efforts of our custoidal/maintenance staff.  They have been working so hard this summer and are making tremendous progress.  In my visits with this staff they have shared with me that they are well ahead of where they have been at this time in previous summers!

High school parking lot under construction

Electrical contractors working in an elementary classroom

Doesn't this new landscaping in front of the elementary look great?

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