Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thanks to Our Volunteers

A few weeks ago I posted a picture that depicted the concession stand renovation project.  This project has been funded through a collaborative effort using blended funds from the school district Capital Improvements Fund (commonly referred to as the PPEL or SAVE fund), and the Athletic Booster Club.  In the last several weeks, there have been some additional contributions from some of our volunteers.  We found that the cupboards weren't in very good shape, so a very generous benefactor took care of it.  Things like that continued to 'mysteriously' be handled.  Since I don't have their permission, the names won't be divulged at this time!  In all, we were able to complete a renovation project that included expansion of the men's and women's restrooms, concession stand; and a new roof for well under $50,000.
To complete a project with this scope of work under $50,000 in almost unheard of.  The material alone almost makes it a difficult task.  How were we able to do it?  Volunteers!  A few Saturday's ago, we had over twenty people on hand to help shingle the roof and complete various other tasks around the building. 

I took joy in my daily visits to the concession stand, because each day I checked on the progress I was greeted with a new, visible improvement from the day before.  Our contractors would always give me a nod of the head and say "We are going to make it".  (The deadline by the way is tomorrow, April 5th when we host our first home track meet of the year, the Hudson Relays.)  Was there ever a touch of skepticism in their voice?  Not at all, the atmosphere was always positive, upbeat, and excited.  If I was ever concerned about meeting the deadline (and I am not admitting that I was), then shame on me!

So, here we are a little less than twenty-four hours from the 'deadline' so to speak.  The track is ready with the stop clock and timing cameras all set and ready to go.  Our athletes are warmed up and have completed their final preparations.  Is the concession stand done?  Burgers anyone?

I began this post as a salute to the volunteers that we have in our district, and we are truly blessed to have such an outstanding group of people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and accomplish these amazing projects.  It is a testament to the pride we have in our school.  I tell folks all the time that we are an awesome school for a lot of reasons, but one big reason is because of these types of projects.  It feels like a family!

Our volunteers (you) are doing something that they can be proud of no doubt; but it goes even further than that.  You see, they (you) have set a powerful example of stewardship, volunteerism, and pride; that your children have all witnessed firsthand.  You are helping to teach something that is not easily taught within the wall of the classroom, and I can tell you that it is working and having a tremendous impact.

Two nights ago, we inducted twenty-five new students into the Hudson High School Chapter of the National Honor Society.  Part of their program included the volunteerism the chapter has been engaged in during the course of the school year.  To see what these young people have done is inspiring.
So, to all our volunteers out there, whether you helped with the concession stand renovation, read books to young students in the classroom, or help out in the lunch room:  Thank You!  From the bottom of my heart, the inspiration you provide is amazing.

What wonderful role models.

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  1. We are so very fortunate to have so many citizens who are willing to give of their time and talents to the school! Thank you for pointing this out, Tony, and thank you to all of the volunteers!