Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Board of Directors-April Agenda


April 23, 2012             6:00 p.m.

We create effective learning environments that result in success for all students.


1.       Call to Order
2.       Roll Call—Pledge of Allegiance
3.       Approval of the Agenda
4.       Welcome Visitors and Comments from Visitors
4.1.    City of Hudson Beautification Presentation—Jon Robertson
4.2.    Scheduling Update—Jeff Dieken
4.3.    IPAD Presentation—Elementary School Teachers

  1. Consent Agenda-Monthly Matters
5.1.    Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting
5.2.    Approve Consent Personnel
5.3.    Approval of Cooperative Sharing Agreement
5.4.    ISCAP Series A 2012-2013 Supplemental Resolution
5.5.    Approve of Student Fee Structure for 2012-2013
5.6.    Approve of IEAP Food Purchasing Agreement
5.7.    School Nurse Report
5.8.    Approve Student Teaching Contract with UNI

  1. Financial
6.1.    Approve Monthly Bills
6.2.    Review Monthly Financial Reports

  1. Reports
7.1.    Board of Education               
School Visit on May 9th, 2012
Board Development Activity: 
Graduation Assignments, May 20th, 2012
Board/Administration Work Session in June
7.2.   Superintendent                                                                                                                                     
Update on Facilities Work and Review 5 year Facility Plan
                           Faculty and Staff Professional Development Update
Legislative update/Education Reform Plan
School Nurse Discussion

  1. Items for Consideration and Possible Action
8.1.    Open Night Policy (Board Policy Code No. 508.2)   First Reading
8.2.    Approve Involuntary Transfer for Certified Staff
8.3.    Ratify Master Contract with HEA for 2012-2013
8.4.    Approve Administrator Contracts for 2012-2013
8.5.    Approve Classified Staff Agreements for 2012-2013
8.6.    Approve Addendum to Contract with Timberline Billing Services 2012-2014
8.7.    Approval of Seniors for Graduation, Pending All Requirements Met
8.8.    Approval of Health Insurance Plan

  1. Items for Consideration 
9.1.    Debrief Meeting/Items for May Business Meeting
9.2.    Commendation

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