Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Board/Superintendent Goals

As a school we are constantly evaluating our students, collecting data, and setting goals.  Once we have set those goals, we write an action plan on how we plan to achieve those goals and then periodically provide updates as to how we are progressing on the goals.  While we pay most attention to how our students are progressing, we also must be cognizant of how we are doing as teachers, administrators, superintendent's, board members, and school districts.  After that, we should be identifying areas for growth and improvement, after all we are all about continuous improvement for everyone!

With the assistance of the Board of Directors, I have developed goal areas for this school year.  We all have areas in our personal and professional lives where we can (and should) improve; regardless of our position.  I want to take an opportunity to share with you the goals that the Board and I have set, and periodically I will provide you with an update of my progress toward those goals.

Our teachers are asked to write their goals based on the Iowa Teaching Standards, administrators likewise use the Iowa Standards for School Leaders. The following is the framework upon which the Iowa Standards for School Leaders are based:
  1. Shared Vision
  2. Culture of Learning
  3. Management of the Organization
  4. Family and Community
  5. Ethics
  6. Political/Social Context
This year I have chosen to focus my goals on three main areas: improving the Culture of Learning (Standard Two), by working collaboratively with our faculty to improve our professional development and curriculum alignment work within the Iowa Core, which will have the net effect of improved student achievement; shared vision (Standard One) and building relationships in the district (Standard Four), by providing more communications such as these and being visible in the school district and finally; management of the organization (Standard Four), by improving our fiscal condition in the school district.

To find out more about my action plan and specifics, read on!

Goal #1 – Instructional Program (Standard 2):  Meet or exceed the Annual Progress Goals established by the Board at their August, 2011 Board Meeting.
Explanation:  The Board has an expectation that the Annual Progress Goals, recommended by the SIAC and approved by the Board in August of 2011, will be met or exceeded.  These goals are to increase the percentage of students who meet targeted growth in the areas of Math, Reading, Science, and Language Arts.
Action Steps:
1.       Staff and Administration will engage in professional learning communities and participate in online learning modules via Hudson professional development website.
a.       Hudson PDT will oversee the development of online learning modules based on Characteristics of Effective Instruction, ensuring the Iowa Professional Development Model is implemented with fidelity.
b.      Hudson TQT will oversee approval of Teacher Academy Applications to ensure the proposed academy satisfies overall goals of improved student achievement and aligns with district improvement goals.
c.       Administration will be fully engaged in the professional learning communities, work as collaborative partners on the PDT, and the TQM.
2.       Staff and Administration will begin the process of curriculum alignment utilizing the I-CAT tool.
3.       Staff and Administration will continue to develop and improve upon Hudson Staff Professional Development Website and Electronic Message Board.
Goal #2 – Develop a Vision for Learning that is Shared and Supported by Others (Standard 1); Respond to Diverse Community Interests and needs, mobilize community Resources (Standard 4):  Understand district documents, and build relationships in the district.   Increase superintendent visibility and access in the school and community.
Explanation:  It is imperative that during this time of change and transformation in our school district that the staff, community, and parents feel that they have the ‘ear’ of the superintendent.  It is necessary therefore, to be visible and communicate.
Action Steps:
1.       The Superintendent will develop a blog and post one article per week.  The local newspaper, “The Hudson Herald” will be invited to subscribe and republish posts in the newspaper.
2.       The Superintendent will devote one hour of ever day he is in the district to being visible outside the office.  This may take the form of classroom visitation, meeting informally with faculty or staff members, or volunteering in the classroom.  The point of this goal is to increase visibility in the district while outside the office.
3.       The Superintendent will, at a minimum, attend Chamber of Commerce and Lion’s Club Meetings at a rate of one per quarter.
4.       The Superintendent will continue to attend and supervise as many events as possible.
Goal #3 – Finance (Standard 3): Improve the financial position of the Hudson Community School District in Regard to All Key Financial Indicators.
Explanation:  The final determination of the unspent balance figure for Fiscal Year 2011 is still unknown.  However, the Board has the goal of continuing to advance unspent balance to the level set on January 19th, 2009 ($550,000), and then preserving that balance within a range of $50,000 through FY14, and feels that with careful overview of District revenue and expenses this goal is challenging, yet attainable.
Action Steps:
1.       The Superintendent will provide to the Board a projected USB once the district audit and CAR is filed.
2.       The Superintendent will continue to oversee all purchases and expenses incurred by the district, finding efficiencies where possible while not impacting the District’s educational integrity.
a.       By the middle of September, the Superintendent will appoint a task force of teachers and administrators to evaluate the effectiveness of the current Master Schedule that utilizes a block schedule with a goal of looking at a traditional schedule, and evaluating the number of credits required for graduation.  The task force will primarily evaluate the pros and cons of each model and be prepared to make a recommendation.
b.      The task force will make a recommendation to the Superintendent by end of November regarding any changes that can or should be made to the schedule.
3.       The Superintendent will prepare a line item budget for FY12 in conjunction with the financial audit, and will use that line item budget as a tool in which to look for additional financial efficiencies.

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