Wednesday, May 24, 2017

School Board Message to the Class of 2017--President Karyn Finn

Good Afternoon to our Hudson Community Family.

Welcome parents, guardians, grandparents, faculty, staff & guests.

I would like to express sincere gratitude for all those involved who have worked hard through the years to make this day special for our graduates.

Seniors Annie Klenk and Sam Strayer process into the gym
for the graduation ceremony on May 21.
(Photo by Retrospect)
I am proud and honored to be here today as President of your Hudson School Board to share a message of encouragement in the celebration of our students as they move forward into their next journey.          
It truly does take a community with unwavering commitment in their dedication to the success of our small town school.  A community of  businesses, the Parent Teacher Organization, the Hudson Education Fund, city leaders, churches, individual parents and coaches who give of their time, talents and financial resources to provide a solid foundation in preparing our youth for the future. 

The guiding vision at every Board meeting is that “we create effective learning environments that result in the success for ALL students”.  Because of this ongoing commitment to our school district, Hudson has the highest graduation rate in the Cedar Valley!  This IS a very important investment made by our collective community toward YOUR future.  THANK YOU Hudson Community!

You may have heard the saying that “The world is bigger than your won backyard”.  Well it is very true and those of you who have participated in the many co-curricular and extra curricular activities offered at Hudson have experienced this first hand.  Many of you have had experiences in local and State level events like National History Day, Music events, Athletics, Journalism and more.  In addition, some of you have had experiences at National competitions like our FFA participants who represent Iowa and the importance of agriculture in our community.  There have even been Global connections like that which Mr. Paulson’s Biology class had this year with the Tanzanian members of the Maasai tribe.

Because of these many diverse opportunities you ARE PREPARED for your next great adventure in
President Finn congratulates a student on receiving
her diploma.
(Photo by Retrospect)
life whether that is 2 or 4 year college, Technical School, the Military or directly into the workforce, the world awaits your talents, skills, caring and compassion.

You ARE PREPARED to continue Personal Development to understand the diverse world we live in and the complexities of a global society in local communities.

You ARE PREPARED with a strong foundation to continue to build on your academic and social knowledge as a Critical Thinker. 

You ARE PREPARED to Work Hard with that great Iowa work ethic that is sought out for by employers and should not be underestimated.

You ARE PREPARED to inspire others by continued community engagement as a Contributing Citizen.  Connections matter where ever you go.

Today you are High School Graduates PREPARED with an excellent foundation to grow where you are planted.  I challenge you to continue grow to the next level by making new connections in the communities that you encounter along the way. Engage in our ever growing global society. 
Congratulations Class of 2017

YOU are the precious Treasure and Pride of HUDSON–GO PIRATES!! 

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