Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Champions in the Classroom

I've spent the last several weeks discussing the implications of several policies and legislation that is being debated in the legislature right now. While it is important for you to understand how these policies will impact Hudson Schools, I think we can all admit these discussions can get a little deep into the weeds and complex. So, today I wanted to spend a little time bringing us back home to understand that at the end of the day; what this is really all about is our kids. We want our kids to have the very best educational experience that can be provided, and we are so excited and proud when they do well! We have had a lot to be excited and proud about this year, and our students have shown that the future is indeed bright for them!

On this last day in February, the finality of our winter sports season has come and gone. Ironically this week is also the girls state basketball tournament. While our girls are in Des Moines today, they find themselves cheering on their friends and neighbors from the NICL. I am pretty certain they would have preferred to be playing in the tournament rather than watching it, but the growth and improvement of our team this year was out of this world! I am so very proud of the work our girls put in this year and enjoyed watching them play. I would be remiss if not to mention the great season our boys basketball team had as well. I am quite certain they too would prefer their season hadn't ended prematurely; with the boys state basketball tournament scheduled for next week they undoubtedly would like to be there as competitors. To me, it seemed like they were peeking at just the right time. I was really impressed with the play and athleticism of our boys, and was really happy for Parker Ingamells when he scored his 1,000 point! Yet, perhaps the most thrilling event of our winter sports season was Cam Fulcher winning the state individual wrestling title! I was so excited to see this come from behind win late in the third period! Nonetheless, without trying to sound too cliche, the lessons learned in our athletic programs can very rarely be boiled down to a win/loss record. I believe that perseverance, commitment, and teamwork are among the most important attributes learned in our athletic program. For certain, the success of a season should never be measured on an championship or appearance at a state tournament.

Student athletes, I can assure you the job you apply for or the college you attend will likely find little value in the athletic prowess exhibited in competition. Those accomplishments, those feats, that thrill of victory is undoubtedly a sense of pride for the athletes, community, and school. It adds to our school spirit and to the stories we will tell decades from now.

Future employers or educational institutions are going to be much more interested in our students' performance between the hours of 8:05 and 3:15 Monday through Friday. That is what makes what our students have done here at Hudson so exciting! Thinks about this: Every single one of our athletic teams so far this school year has been awarded the highest academic achievement award, which requires an accumulative grade point average between 3.25 and 4.0!

  1. Volleyball 3.63
  2. Cross Country 3.67
  3. Football 3.49
  4. Football Cheerleaders 3.72
  5. Girls Basketball 3.80
  6. Boys Basketball 3.47
  7. Basketball Cheerleaders 3.91
  8. Wrestling 3.44
  9. Wrestling Cheerleaders 3.47
These students have earned a championship where it counts the most, and I couldn't be prouder! Congratulations to all our student athletes on a great season. You have thrilled us during competition and 'stuck the landing' in the classroom! 

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