Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Cycle of the School Year

The rhythm of the school year ebbs and flows with the seasons and months of the calendar. Whenever feelings of anxiousness begin to set in, it almost always helps to remind people that we experience this exact same 'evolution' every year at this time (no matter what time of the year it is). For example, the beginning of the school year finds us busily enrolling students, updating our directory of information, and completing a number of mandatory reports for the Iowa Department of Education. Indeed the volume and pace of the work may at times seem a bit overwhelming. However, the cycle of schooling gives us the opportunity to pace ourselves and anticipate what will happen next. While there really is no idle time when it comes to the educational calendar, the peaks and valleys within that cycle really make the work quite anticipatory and yes, rewarding!

Where the beginning of the school year finds us establishing routines with our students and faculty, collecting baseline data for educational objectives, and learning new names; the end of the school year is another very busy time of year for us. We are closing in on the end of April, and like it or not the end of the school year isn't too far off! During this time of the year, we begin to see the pace in activity pick up quite a bit. Our teachers are working extra hard to make sure they get in all the lessons they have planned so when students are promoted to the next grade level in the fall, they are ready for a new set of learning objectives. Calendars are packed with a plethora of activities from final music concerts of the year to award presentations honoring our students for their accomplishments. 

But yet, on the surface as we are closing out one school year, we are simultaneously 'ramping up' for 2017-2018. Much of this work occurs in the background, but the pace and race is on! That's because it's hiring season at Hudson Schools. As is the case every year, we have employees who retire and others that move on to other schools or other careers. At this time, we have three certified teaching positions posted that include a 6th grade teaching position, a Family and Consumer Science teaching position, and a special education instructional strategist I. If you are interested in these positions or know of anyone who might be interested in a teaching position at Hudson schools, please check out the Employment Page of our website.

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