Wednesday, June 8, 2016

School Alerts System is Being Retired

Even though all the students and teachers are gone for the summer, we are busily preparing for their return! It may surprise many of you to know that the central office remains open year around, we are usually even open when school is dismissed for snow days! (I am sure snow days are the last thing you all are thinking about on a warm June day!) Nevertheless, school is out for the summer while we are busy getting ready for the start of the school year!

Right now our focus is on summer cleaning and some facility upgrades. For a complete detailing of this work, please refer to my post on May 4. However, speaking of snow days and other important school announcements that we need to share from time to time regarding the school, I wanted to share some important news about our current school alerts system.

The Iowa School Alerts system that has been used for many school years at Hudson is being retired this summer and a new system will be taking it's place. Please visit our website to sign up. You have the ability to sign up for both text alerts and email alerts. I would recommend signing up for both. You also have the ability to sign up for building specific notifications. For example, if you are only interested in announcements related to the elementary school, please sign up for elementary only. Obviously, if you have children in multiple buildings then you might want to check multiple boxes on that screen. One of the unique attributes of this system is the ability to personalize it to your preferences. It also gives us the option of sending out press releases with more detail than was previously available through the old system. 

The subscription box can be found in the upper right hand corner of the website and looks like this graphic to the right.

You will need to submit a subscription for each medium that you would like to receive notifications through. Again, you have the option of receiving notifications through email, text or both. We have begun to randomly test the site, so from time to time over the summer you may see a test message appear in your inbox or on your cellular device. 

At the same time we will continue to utilize our local  media outlets to share  important news and announcements regarding Hudson schools. In addition to this, you can continue to count on my Twitter feed to keep you apprised of school wide announcements. 

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