Wednesday, February 18, 2015

If You Don't Participate Now You'll Regret it Later

Listen up students, because this week I am talking directly to you. I have some important words of advice for you, and it starts with this: If I had only known then what I know now.

There are many activities that I could have participated in as a high school student. I was pretty involved, but that involvement was limited mainly to music activities. At the time the excuse was that I was too busy. But with the passage of time I realize that I wasn't all that busy. Lazy perhaps, but busy--not so much.

While athletics, music, and drama give many adults in our community a sense of pride and a jolt of exciting entertainment on any given night, that is really not the point of these programs. The point of these programs is to provide opportunities for you--our students and children. We believe participation in these activities will teach you many things beyond the skills that you learn on the field or stage. Your involvement in high school extra-curricular programs will provide a valuable linkage and connection to your school, a sense of pride, and enrich your educational experience. Twenty years from now when your own children are playing, I hope you have fond memories of your high school experience.

We are here to cheer you on and want you to succeed; we feel good about those successes and proud that your hard work has paid off. It doesn't get  much better than seeing you win a close game with a shot as the clock is running out or when you win the Grand Championship trophy at the show choir competition. But we feel even better when we know that you have become involved with that team and have learned more than just the playing a zone defense in basketball. 

This has been a special year for many of you and it has been a lot of fun to watch. I have especially enjoyed watching those of you that may have taken that chance for the first time this school year to get involved. It takes a great deal of courage to decide in the fourth quarter of your high school career to try something new.

So, if you haven't been involved please act before it's too late. Don't be afraid to try something new. There are plenty of reasons to sign up, I can't think of one not too.

And who knows, you might just get that chance to score a bucket as your classmates cheer you on! That students, is something that you will remember for a lifetime! 

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