Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hudson 1:1 Project Gains Momentum with PPEL Vote

Guest Post by Mr. Dieken

As many are aware the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) vote passed on Sept 10, allowing the Hudson Community School District to use PPEL funds for many future projects including the Hudson 1:1 Project. The Hudson 1:1 Project gives students the tools to have instant access to a world of information and also to become producers rather than just consumers of information that is available through the use of technology. The goal of the initiative is to provide each 9th-12th grader in the district access to a computer daily while providing more technology opportunities to all students k-12. Having technology available enriches the learning that takes place in and out of classrooms. In particular, technology offers opportunities for exploration and analysis of academic subjects in ways traditional instruction cannot replicate.
Apple describes it in this way, “Students become pilots of their learning not just passengers along for the ride.” Research shows that the 1:1 initiative “levels the playing field” for all students, regardless of any families’ economic situation.
On Sept 27th, Hudson's tech team participated in a phone conference with their Apple project manager and project engineer to continue the roll out process which is scheduled for Monday, January 6th. Presently the student computers are en route to Dubuque, Iowa where Apple's computer imaging contractors (TC Networks) will set up the computers with Hudson specs and 
asset tags. Several computers will be shipped to our tech team to go through testing prior to shipping all 235 student machines to Hudson for the student roll out. As we get closer to the January 6th roll out, more information will be provided about expectations for students and parents/guardians as well as the commitment Hudson teachers have made to this project. Keep checking for updates!

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