Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Projects

Summer has finally arrived! The last couple of weeks have felt like anything but! With all the wet, cool weather I was beginning to wonder if we would ever have a warm day. This week it seems like it is finally getting warm and we are in the full swing of summer time projects. The administrators have been very busy hiring new staff and we hope to have that finished by the end of the month. Our hiring season was a bit delayed due to the lengthy legislative session, but now that we have resolution on basic school funding it is full steam ahead. Our intention is to get everyone hired before the June board meeting. There will be a number of new faces in the district next year, more on that later!

I wanted to share with you some updates on a few projects that we have going on around the district. I am sure that you noticed when driving by the district the action occurring to the North of the middle school. We are in the process of a parking lot rebuilding project out there. If you have parked in that lot you are very aware that this parking lot is in desperate need of rebuilding. This summer our contractors are working on water retention and the tiling of the lot. The major construction will not happen until next summer when the lot is repaved. We should have this wrapped up well in advance of the school year.

After much discussion with multiple constituency groups, we are also working on significant upgrades to the security system for next year. When you return in the fall, you will notice that all the doors are locked all the time. All of our main entrances will be equipped with an intercom, camera, and buzzer system. In addition we intend to change all the interior locking mechanisms in the district so that teachers can quickly go into a lock down situation without the need to search for their keys. 

Those are the major projects that we have in the works right now. There are few more items that we are working on that I will be eager to share with you in a few weeks. For right now, please enjoy the summer that has finally arrived! Our office is open daily Monday through Friday. 


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