Saturday, November 24, 2012

Enjoy the Game

As fall moves to winter, basketball and wrestling season are slowly starting to ramp up. I thoroughly enjoy watching the competition, and even get quite a charge out of our student section. The students do a great job cheering on our teams, often times having special dress up nights. I can remember coming home from one of the first sporting events telling my wife Ann that a couple of students came dressed up as ketchup and mustard, and at another time I believe we even had students dressed up as salt and pepper! Sure, from time to time Mr. Dieken may have to remind our enthusiastic fans to make sure they are cheering for and not against the opponents. 

But, it is really hard--considering the examples that are being set at our colleges and universities. I wonder what happens between high school and college?

I was shocked to read the article posted in the November 19th issue of the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier titled "Fans Behaving Badly". In this article, we read about student sections at some of our own state universities behaving like barbarians. In one instance, a fan from the University of Iowa 'chucked a full can of beer at an Iowa State University Cheerleader's head'. At Iowa basketball games, it is common practice to yell "Sucks" after each opposing player is introduced. Administrators at these universities say little can be done to curb this type of behavior, after it is protected speech. (Seriously folks, that is what one top administrator was quoted as saying.)

And it is not just isolated to the fans. We see coaches setting horrible examples all the time, from professional sports to pee wee leagues. College football's Championship Saturday is next weekend. Pay close attention to the coaches on the sideline and you will see exactly what I mean when you watch these coaches. Sure, referees are going to miss calls. Even in the era of the 'Official Review' there are going to be times when it doesn't go the way we would like.

We all love to go to the games and cheer for our favorite teams. I am so proud of the accomplishments of our athletes, and relish that sweet feeling of victory at the end of the game. But what makes me the most proud is the conduct of our fans when they face adversity and the game doesn't go the way we would like.

Winter sports are here. Go Pirates!

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