Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Congratulations Seniors!

On Tuesday, May 8th, we gathered in the high school auditorium to honor our senior class and recognize the many scholarships and honors they have received.  This has been an outstanding class of young people who have made us proud in so many ways!  We wish them all the best in the next stage of their lives and have no doubt they will make us proud again in the future.  We will be able to say that "We Knew You When..."

This years class has been awarded a scholarships and awards totaling $884,286. Congratulations and way to go class of 2012!

Hudson High School Senior Awards                                                                                                                                   

Iowa Bar Association Citizenship Award, Justin Petersen
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern Iowa ($2000), Kelly Budreau
Community Foundation Opportunity Scholarship ($1000), Austin DeLau                      
Heiber Family Scholarship ($1000), Rachael Bair                                       
James W. and Jvone E. Maxwell Memorial Scholarship ($1000), Kelly Budreau                                     
James W. and Jvone E. Maxwell Memorial Scholarship ($1000), Claire Hawkins
James W. and Jvone E. Maxwell Memorial Scholarship ($1000), Justin Petersen  
Carlton L. Winter Memorial Scholarship ($1000), Hanna Cartney
Hudson Educational Fund Scholarships:                                  
Theora “Tedi” Whelchel ($1000), Rachael Bair                         
Stan Whelchel “Payback” ($1000), Jenna Brandhorst
Raymond and Verjean Busching ($1725), Claire Hawkins
Raymond and Verjean Busching ($1725), Marisa Evers
Deanna Wheeler ReMax Home Group Scholarship ($1000), Nick Graves
HEF General Scholarship ($700), Lynn Koenigsfeld
HEF General Scholarship ($700), Kelly Budreau
HEF General Scholarship ($700), Sara Morgensen
HEF General Scholarship ($700), Austin DeLau
HEF General Scholarship ($700), Alex McCullough
HEF General Scholarship ($700), Paul Lichty
HEF General Scholarship ($700), Stefanie Newhouse
HEF Fine Arts ($500), Ben Huber
Coonrad Family  ($525), Cody Bascom
Clifford Murray Memorial Athletic Booster Club Scholarship ($500), Justin Petersen
Clifford Murray Memorial Athletic Booster Club Scholarship ($500), Hanna Cartney
Student Leader Scholarship ($500), Chad Smith
Vore Family Scholarship ($500), Olivia Wright
Lois E. West Memorial Scholarship($500), Sam Folladori
Lincoln Savings Bank ($500), Austin Goodnight
Lincoln Savings Bank ($500), Jaimie Kramer
Wesley Epling Memorial Scholarship ($350), Lila Epling, Juliann Finn
Grundy County REC Scholarship ($250), Monica Ruiz
Russell & Elsie Mastain Family  ($175), AJ Solomon
Wilbert Meinhart Memorial Scholarship ($150), Russell Seekins
Helen J. Miles Memorial Scholarship ($500), Sarah Koch
Dorothy Stockdale Miller Memorial Scholarship($500), Sara Cartney
NAPM Scholarship Award ($1000), Rachael Bair
American Patriotism Essay Award, Rachael Bair
Lion's Club Scholarship ($500), Jaimie Kramer
Hudson Fire Department Scholarship  ($500), Jenna Brandhorst
American Red Cross Scholarship ($500), Claire Hawkins, Kelly Budreau                
Governor’s Scholar Recognition, Kelly Burdreau
KWWL Best of Class, Claire Hawkins
H.E.A. Lois West Scholarship ($750), Jenna Brandhorst, Kelly Budreau
Anton Nielson Scholarship (approx.$1000 for 2 years), Paul Lichty                          
Juli Farrell Memorial Scholarship ($1000/4 years), Kayla Klahsen, Claire Hawkins
Kenneth G. Meyerhoff Trust ($500), Jenna Brandhorst, Kelly Budreau,Sara Morgensen,Stefanie Newhouse
Wassam Scholarship  (Approx. $770), Austin DeLau                                      
Waterloo Courier Top Graduates, Kelly Budgreu, Austin DeLau, Claire Hawkins, Marisa Evers, Lynn Koenigsfeld, 
Olivia Wright, Rachael Bair
Des Moines Register Academic All- State Award, Austin DeLau                                                                                                                                                                           
Better Business Bureau Student of Integrity, Justin Petersen
Amvets Scholarship ($500), Jenna Brandhorst, Lindsay Ducker
“Nick” Nicklaus Ag Scholarship ($2000), Lynn Koenigsfeld
ECIC “Nick” Nicklaus Ag Scholarship ($500), Stefanie Newhouse
Hudson FFA Chapter Scholarship ($500), Lynn Koenigsfeld, Grant Wolfe, Brad Dufel, Russ Seekins, Stefanie Newhouse, Jenna Brandhorst
United States Marines Corps Distinguished Athlete Award, Ben Huber                                          
The “Semper Fidelis” Award for Musical Excellence, Shawna Behrens
United States Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award, Justin Petersen
United States Army Recruitment Award, Jacob Johannsen
United States Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Award, Marisa Evers, Austin Goodnight
University of  Northern Iowa Presidential Scholarship ($8000/4 years), Rachael Bair
Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Good Citizen Award, Rachael Bair
Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship ($500), Rachael Bair
Herbert Hoover Uncommon Student Award and Scholarship ($1000), Rachael Bair
Prudential ‘Spirit of Community’ Scholarship Distinguished Finalist – Bronze Medal Winner, Rachael Bair
President Obama’s Volunteer Service Award, Rachael Bair
Certificate of Recognition for Volunteer Work from the Iowa House of Representatives, Rachael Bair
Mayor’s Top Teen Award, Rachael Bair
Junior League Scholarship ($1000), Rachael Bair
University of Nebraska George Beadle Scholarship ($12,900/4 years), Claire Hawkins
University of Nebraska Honors Textbook Scholarship ($500/4years), Claire Hawkins
Michigan State University Scholars Award ($6000/4years), Cody Bascom
Michigan State Presidential Study Abroad Scholarship ($5000), Cody Bascom
Hawkeye Community College Achievement Scholarship ($1000), Jessica Lee
University of Northern Iowa Distinguished Scholars Award($5000/2 years), Sam Folladori
University of Northern Iowa Distinguished Scholars Award ($1000/2years), Hanna Cartney
University of Northern Iowa Distinguished Scholars Award ($2500/2 years), Jaimie Kramer
Pauline Barrett Endowed Scholarship ($2000), Jaimie Kramer
UNI Science, Technology and Math Scholarship ($2000), Jaimie Kramer
University of Northern Iowa Irvin & Dorothy Burne Math Scholarship($1444), Jaimie Kramer
Black Hawk County Farm Bureau Scholarship ($500), Jaimie Kramer
University of Iowa Scholars Award ($1000), Jenna Brandhorst
                University of Iowa Tuition Scholarship ($5515), Jenna Brandhorst
                Marine Corps League Scholarship ($200), Jenna Brandhorst
Iowa State University Academic Recognition Award ($1250/4years), Lynn Koenigsfeld
                National FFA Foundation Scholarship ($1000), Lynn Koenigsfeld
Central College Presidential Scholarship ($12,000/4 years), Monica Ruiz
                Central College Community Service Award ($500/4 years), Monica Ruiz
                Central Journey Scholarship ($1000/4 years), Monica Ruiz
                Central Multi-Culture Award ($1000/4 years), Monica Ruiz
                Special Central Grant ($1000/4 years), Monica Ruiz
University of Wisconsin-Platteville Freshmen Achievement and Leadership Award ($1500), Stefanie Newhouse
                Floy Kies Smythe Award ($500), Stefanie Newhouse
                Fredric W. Tufte Scholarship ($400), Stefanie Newhouse
                2011 Wendy’s Heisman Athletics, Academics and Leadership High School Award, Stefanie Newhouse
University of Northern Iowa Distinguished Scholars Award ($2000/4 years), Paul Lichty
University of Northern Iowa School of Music Scholarship ($500/4 years), Paul Lichty
Drake University Presidential Scholarship ($10000/4years), Sara Morgensen
                Iowa Tuition Grant ($1800), Sara Morgensen
                Federal Pell Grant ($2775), Sara Morgensen
                Federal Supplementary Education Opportunity Grant ($500), Sara Morgensen
University of Iowa Old Gold Scholarship ($3000/4years), Kelly Budreau
                University of Iowa Scholar Award ($1000), Kelly Budreau
                Black Hawk County Farm Bureau Scholarship ($1000), Kelly Budreau
                Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship ($500), Kelly Budreau
                The President’s Volunteer Service Award, Kelly Budreau
                Cedar Valley Mayor’s Top Teen Award, Kelly Budreau
                Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa Mother Moon Scholarship ($1000), Kelly Budreau
United States Bowling Congress Scholarship ($682), MacKenzie Allison
                St Mary of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church Scholarship ($200), MacKenzie Allison
Colorado Christian University Dean’s Scholarship ($8000/4years), Chad Smith
Mayors Top Teen Award, Olivia Wright
Hawkeye Community College EMC2 Scholarship, Jacob Johannsen
Loyola University of Chicago Academic Dean Scholarship ($9000/4 years), AJ Solomon
Iowa State University President’s Scholarship ($1700/4 years), Alex McCullough
Buena Vista Presidential Scholarship ($14000/4years), Grant Wolfe
                Buena Vista Founders Scholarship ($1500/4years), Grant Wolfe
                Farm Bureau Scholarship ($250), Grant Wolfe
                Mayors Top Teen, Grant Wolfe
Loyola University of Chicago Academic Scholarship ($13000/4years), Marisa Evers
                Athletic Scholarship ($20000/4years), Marisa Evers
University of Dubuque Forerunner Award ($2000/4years), Abbey Peterson
                Dean’s Merit Scholarship ($6000/4years), Abbey Peterson
Buena Vista Founders Award ($1500/4 years), Skyler Wendling
                Merit Award ($11750/4years), Skyler Wendling
                Vocal Music Scholarship ($3000/4years), Skyler Wendling
                Buena Vista Scholarship ($1000/4years), Skyler Wendling
Hawkeye Community College Academic Scholarship ($1000), Lindsey Beard
Coe College Dean’s Scholarship ($15000/4years), Justin Petersen
                Academic Distinction Scholarship ($2000/4years), Justin Petersen
Waterloo Education Association Scholarship(approx.$500), Laura Grell
St. Mary of Mount Carmel Scholarship Award ($200), Ben Huber
                St. Mary of Mount Carmel Altar Server Scholarship Award ($200), Ben Huber
Iowa State University Grant Award ($2800), Juliann Finn
Sportsmanship Award, Hanna Cartney, Ben Huber
Athlete of the Year, Jenna Brandhorst, Justin Petersen
Bernie Saggau Award , Justin Petersen                     

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