Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't Text and Drive

I was searching through my list of unpublished posts this afternoon and noticed this embedded video that I want to share with everyone quite some time ago, but with all the other topics that had come up, this one slowly and gradually worked its way to the bottom of the list.  When I come up with ideas for posts, it typically gets a title with a a few lines of text and perhaps a URL for a later reference.  My intention is that sometime in the future when I have writers block, I will scan through my list of unpublished posts and see if anything has been started that I may want to finish.  Although this had an original time stamped date of November 8th, it is a very timely post now.  You may recall earlier in the school year the very tragic death of a high school student from St. Ansgar when a young high school junior hit the back of a school bus.  This past Friday, the Iowa State Patrol determined that this youngster was texting when her car hit the bus.

The Public Service Announcement above was written, produced, and filmed by the Hudson High School National Honor Society and provides a sobering reminder of the dangers of texting and driving.  This PSA was followed up by many of our students signing a Pirate Pledge, vowing to not text while driving.  You can quickly identify which students have taken the pledge by the blue "Pirate Pledge" sticker on their car.  Has your son or daughter taken the pledge?  If not please encourage them to do so.

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