Wednesday, January 4, 2012

District Locks Set to Be Changed

Happy New Year!  For my first post of the new school year, I had planned on something inspirational and uplifting, but decided that practicality is probably a better course!  You have probably heard that we are in the process of changing the locks on district facilities and may be wondering why the change, and what it may mean for district patrons.

It is a good idea to change locks every once in awhile in an effort to protect the vital capital assets of the school district.  I am not sure when the locks were last changed, but it has been many years.  In the intervening years keys have most certainly been lost, duplicated, or not returned.  It may not be out of the realm of possibility that unauthorized personnel have keys to our district facilities.  The point here is that we really don't have an accurate accounting of who has keys and what they may open.  This is certainly a cause for alarm and concern. 

The need to make a change has recently become even more necessary with an uptick in the last six months of unlocked and unsecured facilities.  I am no longer surprised by late night phone calls from the County Sheriff reporting an open door in one of our buildings.

So we are in the process of changing all locks and re-issuing keys.  The point of this of course is to secure our most vital capital assets.  A by-product, and honestly intended consequence of this action is to restrict access to all buildings and make it less convenient for people to gain access.  We will keep a strict accounting of keys in the Central Office, and keys will only be issued to authorized personnel.  Before you come in to get a key, you should first determine whether or not you are an authorized personnel.  Please understand that if you have a key now, that does not necessarily mean that you are authorized to have a key.  Authorized personnel include the hot lunch director, coaches, building secretaries, teachers and administrators.

Personnel will only be issued keys for the length of their employment with the district and be expected to surrender their keys at the conclusion of their employment.  In the case of coaches, they will need to surrender keys at the conclusion of the season (head coaches of varsity level sports will not be required to surrender keys at the conclusion of the season if they are returning the following year).

Currently, we have many groups that have had permanent keys issued to them.  I apologize for the inconvenience this will certainly cause, but that is no longer going to be the case.  This does not mean that you won't be able to get a key, but it does mean that you will only be granted a key for the duration of your event. 

Regulations for Key Holders

    1. Responsibility for the security of district facilities rests with all stakeholders issued a key to facilities.
    2. Access to district facilities is considered a privilege, not a right.
    3. Keys will be issued only to authorized personnel.
    4. Authorized personnel include the following categories: hot lunch director, coaches, building secretaries, elementary teacher, middle school teacher, high school teacher, administrator.  Other personnel may be authorized at the discretion of the superintendent.
    5. Personnel will be issued keys only for the length of their employment with the district.  Coaches will be issued keys while their respective sport is in session and be expected to return keys at the conclusion of the season.
    6. All keys will be stamped.  A record of those issued a key with corresponding stamp will be kept in the Central Office.
    7. Those needing keys on a temporary basis will be permitted to check out the appropriate key from the Central Office during normal office hours the day prior to the event.  The key will need to be returned during regular business hours the day following the event.
    8. Authorized key holders are not permitted to loan their keys out to anyone under any circumstances.  Unauthorized individuals found in possession of district keys will result in the authorized holder losing access.
    9. Doors may not be propped open.  Students entering the building must enter through a designated student entrance.  Coaches and moderators may dog doors open with proper hardware.  The responsibility for ensuring the building is secure at the conclusion of the activity rests with the coach or moderator.  Failure to secure the building following an event may result in the loss of privilege.
    10. Loss of keys or failure to return keys may result in the responsible party bearing the cost to change district locks.
Key Schematic
  1. Kitchen; Back door by the dumpster
  2. Coach; Old weight room, elementary music entrance, locker room, high school dumpster
  3. Elementary Teacher; Elementary music entrance, maintenance entrance, S.E. elementary entrance, S.W. elementary entrance
  4. Middle School Teacher; North door entrance, maintenance entrance
  5. High School Teacher; North entrance, N.W. entrance, dumpster, south entrance

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