Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Winter Weather Procedures

Last night while watching the news, and then again this morning I was reminded that the winter weather season is quickly approaching!  Although this first little skirmish is predicted to be very mild by Iowa standards, I thought it would be important to remind everyone how you can stay up to date on school delays and cancellations. 

Technology has changed so much since I started in this business, and luckily it is no longer necessary to wait to see the name of your respective school scroll by on the bottom of the television screen (although you are more than welcomed to do it that way if you would like).  Our procedure includes all the major Media outlets, but you can always jump on the web and get instant and up to date information. 

We also utilize Iowa School Alerts, and you are encouraged to go to this website and sign up to receive instant alerts and text messages to learn about changes to the school schedule.  Most of the media outlets also have a feature where you can sign up to receive text alerts when there is a delay or cancellation.  I encourage you to utilize whichever medium best suits your needs.  The following are the medium that will be utilized by the Hudson Community School District this year:
Media Notification
1.       School Alerts
2.       KWWL
3.       KCRG
4.       KGAN
5.       Blog Post
6.       Twitter Feed

I can assure you that during the winter weather season we are constantly monitoring the radar and weather forecasts.  We have people standing by who actually go out and drive on the roads to help determine when/if it is necessary to alter our school schedule.  Our decision making is rooted on the solution that is in the best interest of everyone in the school district.  Safety of our students is of paramount concern and we will always err on the side of student safety.  As always, if you feel it is in the best interest of you and your family to be absent from school due to a weather event we will respect your decision.

Finally, I ask in advance for you forgiveness on those occasions when I am certain to make a bad call.  Here's to hoping that we won't be utilizing an early dismissal/late start/cancellation very often!

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