Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Organziation is Key

I still sometimes smile when thinking of that very simple phrase.  When my niece was about 5 years old I taught her to say "Organization is Key" anytime I would ask her what the most important thing was that I taught her.  She used to run around the house stating "Orsganishasun is Key!" on demand.  While a funny memory, it continues to be something that I take relatively seriously.  I suppose it hearkens back to my days in the Navy when we were taught "There is a place for everything-everything in its place."

The same is true for "The Organization", [that being] the organization of the Hudson Community School District.  We have [and are] experiencing a paradigm shift as we move to a model of organization with one less administrator among our ranks.  Administratively speaking, we will be organized as a K-6 grade and a 7-12 grade system.  What that simply means, is that if your child is in grade K-6 and is in need of an administrator that will be routed to Mr. Schlatter.  In grades 7-12, that would be routed to Mr. Dieken.

Logistically, nothing will change.  All logistical items (calling if for a sick child, contacting a child's teacher, sending lunch money, etc) will be handled through the same office as before.  In grades K-4, logistics will be handled through the elementary office with Mrs Hansen.  In grades 5-8, logistics will be handled through the middle school office with Mrs. Sallee, and in grades 9-12 you will handle those items through Mrs. Delagardelle in the high school office.

We also recognize the importance of each building having a presence, or a go to person; not only to help when issues arise, but also to lend an identity to that organization.  For that reason, we have invited Mr. Lipinski to relocate his office to the middle school, where he will share office space with Mr. Dieken.  Although Mr. Lipinski is not a principal, he is definitely a 'go to' person.  He is well versed in dealing with student issues and can act as a calming influence in times of stress.

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